What We Don’t Like

The display: Now, don’t misunderstand our viewpoint. The display on the Galaxy Note 10.1 (WXGA 1280 x 800 TFT) is adequate for most functions. You can read your favorite book without significant eye strain, and can even enjoy surfing the web with ease. However, when it comes to viewing high-resolution photos and videos, you are going to be in for a little (if not unexpected) surprise. The display on this unit just cannot “cut the mustard” in this arena. We found that many of our high-res pictures appeared to be severely pixelated and/or blurry, and that our videos also appeared in a less-than-stellar form. Yes, we expected this to happen with such a lower-end display, but what can we say, we were really hoping for a miracle. Maybe the next generation of this tablet will address this issue. We can only hope…

Touch-interface/lag: After playing with the Galaxy Note 10.1 for hours, we did notice a slight amount of lag and/or inadequate feedback (i.e. you touch the tablet, but it doesn’t recognize your touch). This is yet another little nuisance evident in this product. It was not extremely noticeable; however it did happen enough times for us to make a mental note of it, and to mention it here. Enough said…

The speaker output: The speaker location is perfection, and the speaker sound quality is good…but not great. I suppose that we expected more output given that front-facing location. We have also noted variances in the sound quality while using different applications (at times, the sound quality appears to be fine, at other times; it appears to be far too low).

Naturally, we also attempted to utilize two external speakers with the Galaxy Note 10.1 to see if the sound quality would be dramatically improved. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the sound control panel, we did not notice a significant difference even with this adjustment. This is another area that Samsung will need to address in the future. As we know, other manufacturers are already making substantial strides in this area (can you say Amazon and Apple?).

Overall Impressions

Given all that we have said here today, we have weighed the pros and cons, and have decided that our Galaxy Note 10.1 is a worthy investment (despite its limitations in a few areas). After all, it is a “likeable” device that is user friendly and innovative. We hope, and expect, to see dramatic improvements in the areas of screen resolution and sound quality in the next version of this tablet; but can live with the version that we have today for quite some time without complaining too much. After all is said and done, we have decided to give the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 a “thumbs-up.” We have no doubt that Samsung has produced a noteworthy tablet (pun intended) which will serve students and professionals well on a daily basis. However, if you are looking for a truly breathtaking display and eardrum deafening sound, you should look elsewhere.

Until next time, cheers!



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